About Us

The Oaklawn Center on Aging (OCOA) is dedicated to improving the lives of older adults in the area. By providing information and education, the Center can be an integral part of a person’s successful journey through the aging years. OCOA works with all other agencies committed to providing quality care and assistance for older adults and their families.

The importance of geriatric care has increased as the over-65 population continues to grow. Demand for this specialized care resulted in the development of the Center on Aging, programs of the Reynolds Institute on Aging, which addresses the distinctive needs of seniors living in the State of Arkansas.

To meet these needs in Garland County a unique partnership was formed between:

  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Arkansas Aging Initiative
  • Oaklawn Foundation

These groups joined forces to form the OCOA. Together they can achieve the goals of improved health and education for older adults. This enhanced-care philosophy stresses wellness and health maintenance to support a person’s efforts to live as independently as possible.

Kathy Packard, Director of Education, Oaklawn Center on Aging

Educational Services

The Oaklawn Center on Aging offers a wide variety of educational videos and printed materials related to the life challenges of the aging population.  A dedicated resource team will provide assistance with research and the learning needs of seniors, their families, health care professionals and other members of the community.

The education center is designed to provide information, education and answers or direction to questions of seniors, relatives or care givers, eliminating the guessing game.

  • Centralized Access to Resources
  • Medicare Assistance
  • Information on Physical, Emotional and Psychological health
  • Community Educational Classes
  • Chronic Disease Self Management
  • Diabetes Self Management
  • Healthy Cooking Classes
  • Tai Chi, Zumba Gold & Exercise Classes
  • Diabetes Education & Management
  • Heart Disease Education
  • Immunization Education
  • Falls Prevention Education
  • Alzheimer's Disease Education
  • Support Groups